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Getting Started

1. Register with the right details, as they will be used in the near future as a part of the mobile apps created (email, web site, phone number etc)

2. Choose from categories (for the global market) and create your own categories (for your own page) then click the ICONS tab and upload your icons and links

3. Click the "home page properties" tab to check the web page you have just created
4. Check your content at the international market and find it under the category you have chosen

5. Click one of the icons you have uploaded, to see the site that the icon is linked to.

6. To have the page under your logo, copy the code and paste it in your site page

At MakePack's MarketPlace, you will be getting

1. Your own mobile app creator
2. Your own web page with mobile content collector where visitors will choose your coupons, special deals, products, stocks, TV programs, search, shopping, web pages,
blogs etc, and with one click , they will be sending them to their mobile for further use
3. Your icon at the global mobile market place together with other businesses/site/blog from all over the world allowing the visitors to collect content, of their interest, for their mobile to be following you on their mobile

Joining the marketplace allowing businesses to upload and visitors download content to a mobile device with one click
When you upload your content you automatically join the International market place where visitors from all over the world will be following you via their mobile.
Your visitors can create, by a simple click, unlimited mobile apps. You can even create your own mobile apps from your own web page based on your content. These apps can be distributed by the app store of your choice.

Upload content in your native language Plus

1. the Mobile apps will be in your native language
2. Create your own private market place where your visitors will follow your content on their mobile directly from your site
3. Create web/mobile page for each of your products
4. Create as many mobile apps as you want based on your content for distribution at any of the worldwide app stores e.g. Ovi store, Mobile2day, Android market etc.
5. Free account where you may add your content automatically to OUR global and YOUR National as well YOUR own web/mobile Market place
7. The freedom to update/change/add/delete content in your page (and in parallel automatically in the global marketplace)
8. The ability to add products/sites/stocks/coupons and other content of your choice to the market place
9. Your own WEB marketplace based on your content allowing your visitors follow you on their mobile device
10. Embedded code to use in your market place on your own site under your logo
11. web/mobile product page (coming soon) 12. contact info:

That is all

your content now appears at the international, and your own local web page at once. NOW, your visitors and Makepack's visitors from all over the world are able to add your content to their mobile device – in one click

Why we have develop this market

Small businesses , web sites, not mentioning private individuals are generally unable to enjoy the benefits of mobile applications for 2 reasons:
1. High cost of production
2. Little interest for small business mobile apps (why would anybody download a mobile app of local business?)

That's why